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The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Treasure of All Graces – Part X

By August 31, 2023No Comments

As we wrap up this (long!) blog series on the Sacred Heart of Jesus (CLICK HERE to read previous posts in this blog series on the heart of Jesus), we must simply note the implications of the fact that everything of the person and love of Jesus is experienced in and represented by His heart, since that is what the heart of a man signifies. Jesus has a heart that pumps blood through His body as a physical organ. That heart will also be a symbol of His Person and love, as our heart symbolizes who we are and all of our love. However, His heart will uniquely experience love, since it will experience both Divine and human love. He will have a real, human love of a child for His mother: the peace, the security, the safety, the trust that any child has in relation to his/her mother. And He will have a real, human love of an adult for His friend: He really will experience great sadness at the death of His dear friend Lazarus, so He will weep real human tears. And He’ll say to the apostles that He desires to “eat this pasch with them” (the Last Supper), a desire so passionate since that will be the first moment that He’ll give them Himself in Holy Communion. But at the same time, Jesus’ heart will also experience Divine love: the love of God for Himself, the love of God for man. A love of God for man that so compelled our Lord as to become man and die of us on the cross. Jesus will say, “I love to mommy” to His mother Mary, as a real human child would…but also in a completely unique way that no child ever has or will since it will also be infused with the love of God for Mary. In fact, if we really stop to think about it, it’s a miracle that our Lord’s chest cavity doesn’t explode with love!

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque writes for us of the Sacred Heart that “Jesus Christ, my sweet Master, presented Himself to me, all resplendent with glory, His Five Wounds shining like so many suns. Flames issued from every part of His Sacred Humanity, especially from His Adorable Bosom, which resembled an open furnace and disclosed to me His most loving and most amiable Heart, which was the living source of these flames.”           That’s really what is actually going on with the heart of Jesus Christ, which, again, leaves it a miracle that His chest cavity doesn’t explode with love. Love that is all experienced in and through and by the one, same Person, God the Son, 2nd Person of the Most Holy Trinity…experienced distinctly and simultaneously in both Divine and human modes of love. Simply put, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the love of God for Himself, the love of God for man, and the love of God become man and as a man, especially for His fellow man. Which is everything…the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ is everything! Pope Pius XII writes, “If we consider its special nature it is beyond question that this devotion is an act of religion of high order; it demands of us a complete and unreserved determination to devote and consecrate ourselves to the love of the Divine Redeemer, Whose wounded heart is its living token and symbol. It is equally clear, but at a higher level, that this same devotion provides us with a most powerful means of repaying the Divine Lord by our own” (Haurietis Aquas, ¶ 6). Complete and unreserved determination for the Sacred Heart…and why…because this is the heart of a Divine Person become man! We must love, worship with adoration, and die for the Person of Jesus Christ. As we must love, worship with adoration, and die for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ!


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Daniel Campbell

Daniel Campbell graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Preprofessional Studies from the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, he worked in medical research for five years in preparation for medical school. However, God called him to a different life when he entered the Catholic Church and received the sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist in 2008. Daniel completed his Master's Degree in Systematic Theology at the Augustine Institute in 2012, focusing his studies on the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. He is the Director and Coordinator of Curriculum Development for the Lay Division. In addition to teaching for the Biblical School, Daniel has developed and taught The Art of Living and The Wisdom of the Saints Enrichment Courses. Daniel is married, and he and his wife have four children.

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