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We regularly offer day-long Workshops/Conferences for spiritual enrichment throughout the year. We welcome all those who are interested to experience and learn about the richness of our faith.

Online Workshops/Conferences are open for anybody, anywhere in the world to join!

Previous Workshop/Conferences

Perfection and the Will of God, with Daniel Campbell

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, with Daniel Campbell

The Litany of Saint Joseph, with Daniel Campbell

Marriage in the Bible, with the Biblical/Catechetical School faculty

Grandparents: God’s Secret Weapon to Pass on the Faith, with Sandy Wanzeck

On Mission: An Introduction to Relational Evangelization, with Andrew McGown

The Spiritual Life: From Exile to Eternity, with Daniel Campbell

Hope: Trust in the Lord, with Daniel Campbell

Charity: Love of God, Love of Neighbor, with Daniel Campbell

Need More Information?

Call 303.715.3195 or email us at laydivision@archden.org.