Student Accounts

Click here to log in to your STELLAR account

All tuition for 2021-22 classes is due in full by May 15, 2022.

  • Students ALWAYS have 24/7 access to class registrations at the link above, and are encouraged to review their account regularly.
  • Logging in…
    • To log into your student account, click the link above and enter your email address and the password you have created (or will create the first time you log in).
    • When you log in, you will land on your class dashboard page, which includes all class registrations in one place.
    • For password help and/or to change your password, click “Password Help” on the login page after you enter your email address.
    • For any further assistance, call the office (Jean 303.715.3195 or Darci 303.715.3287).
  • Acceptable forms of payment:
    • Check/Money Order (payable to “CBS”): Turn in to instructor for in-person classes or mail to: St. John Vianney Theological Seminary Lay Division / 1300 S. Steele Street / Denver 80210
    • Credit (Amex, Discover, Mastercard, Visa): Pay online at link above or call the office to run your credit card over the phone.
    • Cash: Must be personally turned in to office staff or your instructor at your in-person class. If coming to the office to pay by cash, please call first to make sure we’re there to receive you. DO NOT MAIL CASH.

REGARDING YEARLONG CLASSES (Biblical, Catechetical & Enrichment Courses):

  • First payment for all students is due by September 15 and all tuition must be paid in full by May 15 of the spring semester.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to manage tuition payments, ensuring that all tuition is paid in full.
  • Failure to pay tuition in full by the May 15 deadline will adversely affect student’s ability to move on to the next year of study and/or enroll in future classes/programs with the St John Vianney Lay Division.
  • Partial payments are accepted, but are subject to the same May 15 deadline for the entire tuition balance.
    • The student can log in throughout the year to make partial payments or can set up an automatic payment plan on their account (preferred).
    • Remember that the first tuition payment for all students is due by September 15.

Monthly email reminders: Students with a tuition balance > $0 who have not set up a payment plan on their account will receive monthly email reminders from the office (around the 20th of month starting in September).

Having Problems?

Call the office at 303.715.3195 or email us at