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Denver Catholic Biblical School

About the Biblical School:

The Second Vatican council reminds us that Sacred Scripture is instrumental to our relationship with Jesus Christ. As early Church Father St. Jerome famously said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” For decades, the Denver Catholic Biblical School has been offering 2,000 years of Catholic Biblical teaching to the lay faithful.

In response to the Second Vatican Council’s call for renewal in the study of Scripture, the Denver Catholic Biblical School was founded in 1982 to give adults the tools and skills they need to hear anew the invitation of our Lord in the pages of the Bible…to follow Him. Since then, countless Biblical School students have found themselves walking in the footsteps of our Lord.

Here at the Biblical School, we have assembled a first-rate team of experienced instructors who have a deep love for Scripture and the Catholic faith. Through prayer, lectures, small-group discussions, and weekly coursework, our master instructors will guide you through the Bible and demonstrate the relevance of God’s living Word in the world today.

Our curriculum focuses on the “narrative approach” to Scripture, which consists of a thorough study of salvation history in every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to see how God’s promises, prophesies, and covenants of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the Person and mission of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Upon successful completion of this comprehensive four-year program, the student is awarded a “Certificate in Biblical Studies”.

Online Biblical School classes are open for anybody, anywhere in the world to join!


From Eden To Exile


Proclaiming the Kingdom


Judgment & Restoration


Wisdom and the Word

Is it time now for you to explore Scripture more seriously than ever before?

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