Catechetical School

About Our Catechetical School:

The mission of the Denver Catholic Catechetical School is to place people in contact and communion with the Person of Christ, who alone leads us to the heart of the Father in the Spirit – in essence, making and maturing disciples.

We do this through a prayerful, organic, and systematic presentation of the Catholic Faith, contained both in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition (Catechism of the Catholic Church 80-82). This occurs in a setting that takes advantage of all the facets of effective adult learning: engaging lectures, small group dynamics, independent study, and personal application.

Far from being a dry and boring presentation of dogmas and doctrines, the study of the Catechism is a deeply personal and exciting study of God’s call to each and every person to have a personal relationship with Him in the Church he established with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Imitating the successful structure and format of the Denver Catholic Biblical School, the Catechetical School consists of both of lectures and small group discussions for further enrichment and understanding of the material. In addition to class time, students also complete reading assignments for homework and an open-book, take-home “test” at the end of each semester. At the end of the two-year program, the student is awarded a Certificate of Catechetical Studies. This certificate can also qualify for the Archdiocese of Denver’s Advanced Catechetical Certificate.

The Catholic Catechetical School is a two-year (four semester) study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church entitled, “The Ladder of Ascent” (previously known as “Pillars”). Under the guidance of an experienced and talented instructor, students make an in-depth study of the four areas of the Catechism:

Semester 1

“The Creed: The Story in Miniature”

Semester 2

“The Sacraments: The Blessing Revealed and Communicated”

Semester 3

“The Moral Life: Fulfillment in Beatitude”

Semester 4

“Prayer: The Blessing Given and Received”

Is it time now for you to explore the Catholic Faith more seriously than ever before?


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