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Year 2, Semester 1: The Moral Life
Fulfillment in Beatitude

Our profession of faith in the Creed and our celebration of it in the sacraments is meant to transform every area of our life and conform us to Christ. In this next semester, students will explore what this life lived in imitation of Christ looks like. We will begin with a look at our goal – fulfillment in beatitude – and then examine the main points of moral theology: free will, conscience virtue, sin, grace, merit, and law. The second part of the semester will be devoted to a study of each of the Ten Commandments and the profound guidance they offer living a life of holiness. In studying the moral life, we discover that “the gift of the Commandments is the gift of God Himself and His holy will” (CCC ¶ 2059) and that we are invited to offer our obedience as “a response to God’s loving initiative [and] a worship of thanksgiving”, so that we may cooperate in every way with His plan (CCC ¶ 2062).

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