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Vance & Jane Eusterman

Studying at the St. John Vianney Seminary Lay Division has life-changing effects. Hear what our students have to say...

Vince & Jane Eusterman

“It’s a beautiful thing to add to a marriage, to walk with Jesus – because you can only grow…”

Deacon Efra Pruneda

“You have opportunity to do small groups and actually share your own life and find your own life in salvation history…”

Mark Bauman

“The Biblical School helps you to get to know the person of Jesus Christ…”

Jim Baron

“The other good things that happen are the friendships…”

Michele Sahling

“If people could participate in what I’ve been participating in…the entire world would probably become Catholic…”

Mary Colleen & Paul Lum Lung

“These ‘a-ha’ moments showed us the unitive nature of the Bible and the Mass came alive for us…”

Carmen Villa

“The Biblical School impacts not just my spiritual life but my whole life…

The Stemper Family

“Given me a great opportunity to really be able to defend my faith…and joyfully share the faith…”

Lolita Hilbert

“For busy people it is a very easy course to take…”

Derrick Johnson

“The [instructors] are some of the best and brightest people that are coming to teach you, but at the same time they do a great job of meeting you where you’re at…”

Juan Carlos Reyes

“If you are curious about who Christ is, about why we celebrate what we celebrate, this is the program…”

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