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Denver Catholic Biblical School

As a convert to the Catholic Church, I did not have much understanding of the Bible, or the way that Catholics interpret or teach the Bible. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be with a bunch of “cradle Catholics”, who I thought knew everything about the Bible. The format of the Catholic Biblical School is such that all students participated and shared our knowledge, and you felt extremely comfortable in the sessions. The instructors were knowledgeable, shared their faith, taught in an easy-to-understand language, and were very pastoral. The structure of the class allows for small group sharing of the topics before class instruction. The content is well laid out in easy to follow, yearly workbooks. There was a cross section of ages from about twenty three to retired people. I highly recommend the Biblical School for persons of any age or any level of understanding!

Ed C.

The Catholic Biblical School completely changed my life in Christ, but it took me 3 years before I got up the courage to enter a class. Once I did, the Word of God came alive for me, like great fireworks across the sky, and I was blessed to be able to share my journey of faith with many wonderful people! When graduation came, it was with great joy, and yet I still wanted more. So let the Holy Spirit into your heart, and come join the adventure!

Debby V.

To say that the Denver Catholic Biblical School substantially altered my life for the better, and not just my spiritual life, is a significant understatement. Although generations of my family going back more than a century “were” Roman Catholics, my family and I essentially were “cafeteria Catholics,” not having the interest or taking the time to learn the genius of Catholicism because of more important practical concerns of just living, working, and raising a family. Little did I know when I took that fateful step to study and not just read the Bible for less than an hour a day over a period of four years with a group of strangers who would become truehearted brothers and sisters that the ultimate goal was to activate and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and exchange love with all other people in this world. It truly is the most important thing that I have done in my life. I have learned that “life is our journey to our Father, that Jesus is our guide on that journey, and our final destination is eternal happiness with Christ in paradise.”

Bill C.

Biblical School opened up for me the amazing wealth that God put in Sacred Scripture. It was incredible to see how verses and parables that I heard all my life became alive and took on a whole new meaning. These studies unfolded for me the love that God has for us through all the things the people of Israel went through in the Old and the New testament. The Biblical School allowed me to experience God’s love in such an intimate and personal way, that it strengthened my faith like never before. Going to Biblical School was an important milestone to open my heart to the vocation of the Permanent Diaconate!

Deacon Efra P.

Biblical School has been the single greatest influence on the way I participate in the Mass. It is so exciting to hear a passage, recognize it, and put it in context. I feel like the travelers on the Road to Emmaus when they said, “Were not our hearts burning while He spoke…and opened the Scriptures to us?” I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Denver Catholic Biblical School.

Barbara F.

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