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The Lay Division

Our mission at the Lay Division is to put people in contact and communion with the Person of Jesus Christ, Who alone leads us to the heart of the Father in the Spirit – in essence, making and maturing disciples. We do this through various offerings that study God’s call to each and every person to have a personal relationship with Him in the Church that He established with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.
Our two flagship programs are the Denver Catholic Biblical School, a four year study of the Sacred Scriptures, and the Denver Catholic Catechetical School, a two year study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We then also offer various other programs of study – year long Enrichment Courses in different topics of the faith from prayer to virtue to Church history to literature, short courses in the summer, lecture series throughout the liturgical seasons, and day long conferences and workshops. Wherever you’re at in your faith, we have something for everybody!
Our goal is to not just give students knowledge of the faith, but a genuine love of the faith. And through that love, to desire to share the faith with others.

Need More Information?

Call 303.715.3195 or email us at laydivision@archden.org.