Graduates of the Biblical School or Catechetical School may audit the program for free.

  • Additional cost of $25 for the student workbook. Auditors may also purchase any books that are sold by the Biblical School. For list of books for purchase, click HERE.
  • Auditors do not participate in small groups, but may form a small group with fellow auditors if they so desire. Otherwise, they’re free to attend only the lecture portion of the class (the 2nd hour of class).


Auditing a Biblical School or Ladder of Ascent class is available only to graduates of those programs. Biblical School graduates may only audit a Biblical School class; Ladder of Ascent (formerly Pillars) graduates may only audit a Ladder of Ascent class.The LECTURE PORTION of class falls in the second hour of class. Some auditors choose create their own small auditor groups, so auditors may attend the entire class, if they so choose. The times listed below for each class are the SECOND hour of the two-hour class.SINCE BOTH PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN EXTENSIVELY RESTRUCTURED AND UPDATED SINCE 2008, THE CURRENT PROGRAM IS CONSIDERABLY DIFFERENT FROM THE PROGRAM BEFORE 2008. THUS, WE STRONGLY URGE THOSE WHO GRADUATED PRIOR TO 2008 TO RE-ENROLL IN THE PROGRAM RATHER THAN AUDIT.

Classes start the week of September 10, 2018. For the 2018-2019 class calendar, visit the Student Documents page.

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