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2021-2022 Class Information


May 1 – Sept 30 Online registration available for 2021-2022 classes (new and continuing). Click HERE to register.
July – Sept 2 Info Sessions (online and at parishes) for prospective new students. Click HERE for schedule.
Aug 18 – 19 Drive-thru pick up days at our office for CBS/CCS student workbooks. See details below.
Aug 27 & 30 Began mailing out student workbooks to registered online CBS/CCS students who did not pick up their workbook on Aug 18-19.After our initial mailing of 500+ workbooks on Aug 27 and 30, we will mail out workbooks every few days as enrollments for online students come in. (For more information, see “How will I get my Student Workbook?” below.)
Sept 3 CBS/CCS Instructor assignments announced; posted on website & emailed to registered students and auditors. (This was originally scheduled for Sept 1, but we had to push it back a couple days to Sept 3.)
Sept 6 Labor Day-OFFICE CLOSED
Sept 13 First week of classes
Sept 30 Online registration closes

ALL STUDENTS: Tuition Information

First payment for all students is due by September 15 and all tuition must be paid in full by May 15 of the spring semester.

  • Students have 24/7 access to their class account from our Student Accounts page.
  • Students may log into their account throughout the year to make payments and/or set up a payment plan on their account. Students are strongly encouraged to pay their tuition in full when registering, or use the automatic payment plan function. Please note that the payment system will require payment plans to complete by May 15 of the spring semester. (If you need assistance setting up a payment plan, contact the office.)
  • All tuition payments are non-refundable; exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • For questions regarding tax credits for tuition, consult your tax professional (NOTE: The St John Vianney Seminary Division has one accredited degree, the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and only seminarians in priestly formation complete this degree through their graduate-level Theology studies. This accreditation only applies to the Seminary Division, and not to the Lay Division.)

It is the student’s responsibility to manage tuition payments ensuring that all tuition is paid in full by May 15 of the spring semester. Failure to pay tuition in full by the May 15 deadline will adversely affect student’s ability to move on to the next year of study and/or enroll in future classes/programs with the St John Vianney Lay Division.

Monthly email reminders: Students with a tuition balance > $0 who are not on a payment plan will receive monthly email reminders from the office (around 20th of month starting in September).

ALL STUDENTS: Is your contact information current?

To review/update your contact information (address, email, phone), log into your class account from the Student Accounts page and click PROFILE at the top of your screen.


These three classes (DANTE’S Divine Comedy; ICON: Catholic Art & Culture; WISDOM OF THE SAINTS) are lecture-based only. No required outside reading, texts, or homework assignments. Workbooks are not issued for these classes.


Who’s my CBS/CCS Teacher?
Teacher assignments were announced around September 1. Staff contact information available HERE. All students — in-person and online — will also receive the link to access all online sessions for their class and year of study.

Required/Optional Texts for class
The CBS/CCS Student Workbook is included in the cost of tuition. Auditors may purchase a Student Workbook for their class by contacting the office; auditor workbooks are $25.00. See below for information about any additional texts for each program and year of study.

  • BIBLICAL SCHOOL: Each year of CBS has supplemental texts — some required, some optional — that are part of the class curriculum. To find the book list for all CBS years, click HERE (find Master Book List under General Documents) and Pictorial Book Lists with ISBNs (at bottom of page).
  • CATECHETICAL SCHOOL: This class has only one required text for both years: Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd edition (ISBN 9781574551105).
    • In-Person Classes: Students purchase from the instructor the first few weeks of class and throughout the year (cash, check, charge), or purchase on their own from their preferred retailer.
    • Online classes: Students purchase on their own from their preferred retailer.
    • Year 1 students: Required books also available at all in-person Information Sessions.

How will I get my Student Workbook??
For in-person classes: Workbooks will be distributed during the first few weeks of class.
For online classes: Workbooks will be mailed to the address on the class registration on September 1 (Media Mail rate; 5-10 day delivery).
Please be sure your address is current (see above)!!
NOTE: Auditors wishing to purchase a Student Workbook ($25) should contact the office to pay over the phone (Amex, Discover, Mastercard, Visa accepted).

BIBLICAL SCHOOL STUDENTS: Audio Lectures (required) & Summer Reading (optional)

  • SUMMER LECTURE RECORDINGS: Each CBS year of study has two short introductory audio lectures that the student should listen to prepare for the start of classes. Click HERE and scroll to bottom of page.
  • SUMMER READING: We have again decided to make the usual summer reading assignments optional for this summer. However, we’ve left all those assignments on our website (Student Portal page) if you’re curious or just want to read a meaningful text for your own personal preparation for next year’s class. Click HERE.

Having Problems?

Call the office at 303.715.3195 or email us at laydivision@archden.org.